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Michael DiIorio -
Wellismo Coaching

I'm excited to collaborate with Michael DiIorio from Wellismo Coaching based in Toronto, Canada.

I get enormous value from his insight, wisdom and content. We work on very similar issues and share ideas about how to best serve the global gay community.

About Michael's work

Michael is a certified Life & Wellness Coach, writer, and personal development junkie.


He founded Wellismo in 2019 as blog that intersects personal development and sexuality. In 2020, he became a certified wellness coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP).


He expanded into private coaching as a way to work directly with clients to guide them through their own personal transformation.


Michael coaches people of all genders and sexual preferences, but his speciality is helping gay men overcome the struggles of modern life by cultivating constructive mental habits and developing emotional maturity. His candid approach in discussing gay culture at its most raw is atypical of a traditional wellness coach, and clients find it refreshingly honest. 

Since launching Wellismo in 2019, it has amassed over 5,000 readers in 122 countries. And he has coached clients in Canada, U.S.A., Spain, Israel, and Italy.

Access Michael's services through The Loneliness Guy to get

his VIP rate!

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