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Meet Phil's coaching partners

Phil's assembled a great team of professional coaches to help you work through your thoughts and feelings of loneliness and to help you authentically connect with yourself, those most important to you and to your community.

Contact Phil if you serve gay men experiencing loneliness or in another social well-being capacity and would like to partner with him.

Mike Campbell -

Man Coach

Mike is a Man Coach and stonefruit eater.

He supports men with loving directness and with balls to help men live better lives.


Michael DiIorio -
Wellismo Coaching

Michael is an accredited life and wellness coach focusing on the wellness of gay men.


Michael helps gay men build their self-esteem.  

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More coming soon

Phil's building a team of awesome people who can help you learn what your loneliness is trying to tell you about the authentic connection that you need as the beautiful human you are.

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