How can I support you?

Reading my blog and listening to my podcast are both great ways to increase your awareness of how loneliness affects you. But they're not enough if you're looking to move beyond the thoughts and feelings of loneliness. Moving beyond loneliness towards authentic connection requires change and change happens when you DO something differently. This is scary and you want to do change on your own. However, going it alone often leads you right back to where you started, only with more frustration. 

You're allowed to get help.

Indeed, in my own experience, you MUST get help to make the changes you know you need to make.


I've partnered with some great male coaches and a human connection expert who know exactly what it takes to help you make the changes you've been trying to make alone.


Let's get you through your loneliness

and help you authentically connect with yourself and the world.

Email me for more information and let's have a chat!

Where to now?




I've partnered with three professional coaches to help and support you as you work through your thoughts and feelings of loneliness and work out how to authentically connect with yourself, those closest to you and to your community.

Chat with me


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Sometimes we simply need a chat with someone who we know will understand how we feel. After reading my blog, listening to my podcast and seeing me on social media, you feel that I've earned the right to hear your story of loneliness and you know that I'll respond with empathy and without judgement. You know that I understand.

Online connections


You joined Sophia Kokores and me for coffee in Episode 7 of 'Connection over Coffee with The Loneliness Guy' and now you can connect with Sophia directly. Sophia is a positive psychology expert and understands the power of authentic connection in our lives. Get ready for some real connection.

Her work is brilliant and I fully recommend it.

Speaking services


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Do you love what I've got to say about de-stigmatising loneliness and promoting authentic connection for gay men and want to have me speak at your conference, workplace or group?