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Creating connected workplaces

If you've ever spent time in Phil's company or listened to him, you know that he's passionate about de-stigmatising loneliness and creating environments where all humans - however we identify - feel authentically connected.

Phil has developed 'Creating Connected Workplaces': a program that informs and inspires workplaces to create environments in which all humans feel seen, heard and that they belong. Humans who are happier are more productive, resilient and are engaged.

Phil draws on his lived experience and the support of Dr Sara Quinn - a clinical psychologist with expertise in workplace psychology - to start conversations that help the humans in your workplace feel more connected.

Explore how Phil and his team support you and your workplace.

Creating Connected Workplaces - Phil McAuliffe - loneliness - The Loneliness Guy - The Lonely Diplomat - workplace - connection
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How would you like to contact Phil about his support creating your connected workplace?

Creating connected workplaces

Creating your connected workplace

Creating Connected Workplaces - Phil McAuliffe - loneliness - The Loneliness Guy - The Lonely Diplomat - workplace - connection

How connected do the humans
at your work feel?

If we humans don't feel connected, we begin to feel lonely. Loneliness is the feeling you and I feel when we're not receiving the type of quality connection that we need.

Every human experiences loneliness. No job title, salary level, education qualification or address makes us immune.


Indeed, one-third of adults in Australia report feeling lonely some or all of the time.* In the United States, 50% of Gen X and 65% of Millennials and Gen Z report feeling lonely 'sometimes or always'.**

We know that humans who feel lonely at work report higher levels of absenteeism. They are less productive, less efficient and are more likely to leave.

They're also likely to stay and be less productive and less efficient.

Workplaces around the world are beginning to grasp the importance of addressing workplace loneliness.

If you're receiving feedback that the humans in your workplace feel uninspired, disengaged, are often not at work or not performing well, you need to create an environment in which individual humans feel connected.  

How do we solve this?

It's simple: you make your workplace somewhere where humans feel connected. Connection is the antidote to loneliness.

The humans in your workplace will be more productive, more efficient, more resilient and happier when they feel connected.

And humans connect through stories. We feel connected when we hear stories and personal accounts of humans living their lives. We don't connect to data and statistics in the same way. We need to have kind and honest conversations about how we feel socially disconnected from each other in our workplaces. 

Kind and honest conversations led by humans like Phil and his team in Creating Connected Workplaces.

Phil's insight and experience

Phil is a global loneliness thought-leader. If you've seen him on television, heard him on the radio or his podcast or spent time with him in person, you'll know that he's an articulate, affable, highly-educated and engaging speaker who makes the topic of loneliness relatable.


Phil has a background in international relations and public policy. He was an Australian Public Servant - including an Australian diplomat - for 23 years. Phil's worked in diverse workplaces in Australia, Venezuela, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan and New Zealand. 

Phil's worked in highly visible and high-intensity roles where there was little (or no) tolerance for risk or failure. The pressure to deliver was relentless. He thrived in these environments; until he didn't. He felt empty, lost and realised he was lonely. He believed he was the only person feeling this way.

Phil knows how difficult it is to ask for help and support. He also knows that the help provided sometimes does not actually help alleviate the thoughts and feelings of loneliness.


Phil developed and now provides the services he needed when first learning from his loneliness. He's now passionately de-stigmatising loneliness worldwide.

Phil's difference

Loneliness and connection is often discussed in a dry, conceptual way.

Statistics and academic studies are helpful, but they don’t resonate with the humans experiencing the emotion.

Hundreds of thousands of people globally have benefitted from hearing Phil's story and having him facilitate kind and honest conversations about loneliness, connection and belonging.

Humans feel more connected and engaged within themselves and with the world because of Phil and his team's work.

CCW - Details

The details


This is the general component of the program.

It introduces the concept of meaningful connection for all the humans in your workplace.

It is suitable for all employees and all workplaces.

The program covers:

  • Why is connection so important?

  • Getting authentic connection in the workplace

  • Aligning connection with company values

  • Some easy workplace connection strategies

This works best for groups (max. 7/group)
This is a 1.5 hr session with course materials.

Delivered in person or via Zoom.

Cost: A$1,500/session (plus costs if in person)


Leadership is lonely.

This executive coaching course supports leaders - current and emerging - through the loneliness that comes from leadership. It's been developed with Dr Sara Quinn - The Loneliness Guy's in-house clinical psychologist - so you're getting great support.

The program covers:

  • connection in leadership

  • identify individual connection needs

  • alignment with company values

  • preparing a bespoke Executive Connection Plan

The program is delivered in six 1.5hr sessions over 12 weeks
Delivered 1-on-1 via Zoom

Cost: Starting from A$4,000 per person

Contact Phil - TWL

How would you like to contact Phil about his support creating your connected workplace?

Looking for something more general?

Phil McAuliffe - loneliness - The Loneliness Guy - The Lonely Diplomat - workplace - connection

Phil has a range of keynote topics on which he can speak in your workplace. These can be a great option if you're looking for a more general, easier way to start conversations about connection, belonging and loneliness in your workplace.

Go here for more information or raise this option with Phil when you contact him. 

Phil's speaker bio and profile photos

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