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Connection is the antidote to loneliness.

So join the community and let's stay connected!

Choose between a paid premium member* or a free basic member**.

Join as a premium member and become part of a global community of gay men who want to connect with themselves, with me and other gay men as we de-stigmatise loneliness and promote authentic connection.

Take this small step towards meaningful connection with yourself and others.

We go further when we go together.

* Premium members can access an exclusive Facebook group where deeper engagement through conversations with me and other premium members about loneliness and authentic connection for gay men happen.

** Basic members are added to a mailing list and do not get access to the premium members' lounge on Facebook.


Join as a premium member

and become part of a global community of gay men who are working through their feelings of loneliness and want authentic connection within themselves, those they love and their communities.

As a premium member, you:

  • get access an exclusive lounge on Facebook

  • participate in monthly Zoom calls with me and the group

  • can chat with, ask questions to, and engage with me in the privacy of that lounge

  • connect with, and get supported by, other gay men who are working through the thoughts and feelings of loneliness in a kind, supportive - and private - environment.

  • are the first to read new blog and listen to new podcast content.

All for the monthly price of A$9.95/month.

And, with a free 30-day trial period, you've got nothing to lose and your authentic self to gain!

**Note: you'll receive messages with 'The Lonely Diplomat' in the title and text.

This is fine, it's my business' name! **


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