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Have Phil by your side

Loneliness is awful, but you don't have to go through it alone. You're one click away from having Phil - a global loneliness thought leader - guide you as your connection mentor.

Let's build your Connection Plan.

What is a connection mentor?

As your connection mentor, Phil guides you through your loneliness and helps you identify the connection you're missing. With Phil, you'll work through the Connection Starter Course. Together, you'll build your Connection Plan: your easy, practical guide to help you get the connection and feeling of belonging that you need and deserve.

Your Connection Plan will help you move past your loneliness and feel that you belong whenever you experience it.

Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy gay loneliness services

- Getting your Connection Plan -
The Connection Starter Course

Connecton Starter Course

The Connection Starter Course

Over six 90-minute calls, Phil will guide you through:

  1. Your loneliness story

  2. The price you've been paying for staying lonely

  3. How you connect to yourself (and improve it)

  4. How you connect to those most important to you (and improve it)

  5. How you connect to your community (and improve it)

  6. Meeting the new you and your Connection Plan.


How to build your Connection Plan

You build your Connection Plan individually in 1-on-1 calls with Phil.

1-on-1 mentoring
is for you

1-on-1 mentoring with Phil is for you, if:

​- you're ready to have your Connection Plan - a plan developed to help you get the connection you need;

- you're ready to feel like you belong within yourself and the people around you;

- you're ready to feel comfortable in yourself;

- you're ready to rediscover - and then be - who you are;

- you're ready for Phil to help you learn what connection you need;

- you're tired of feeling lonely and are ready for change;

- you're ready to live your life and feel more connected.

The path to feeling authentic connection,
genuine belonging and less lonely starts when you

What to expect

Be prepared for Phil to listen to you. Listening is his superpower.

Phil will ask about your loneliness and listen to your response. He'll ask about how you're doing connection with yourself and others.


Phil will be there to guide you through the process of getting your Connection Plan.

Phil creates a safe space for you. It's all confidential. No topic is off limits.

Convenient call times

Phil has call slots available most days. You pick the day and time most convenient for you.

Mentoring calls run for 90 minutes.

You and Phil can discuss your best call times during your initial call. 

Why would you do it?

You'll not be alone. You'll have Phil by your side guiding you every step of the way.

The thoughts and feelings of loneliness require other people to help us feel connected again, but it's tough to ask for help.

You're worthy of receiving that help and support.

You'll have Phil - a fellow human who experiences loneliness and knows a way to feel connected - giving you direct support and accountability.

Between calls

The support doesn't end at the end of the call. Phil will check in with you to see how you're progressing and support you when you encounter challenges when doing connection.

How many calls?

Building your Connection Plan is a 6-call package.

Note: Your loneliness won't be solved with one call. Phil won't ever promise that. Please look elsewhere if you're wanting a quick fix.

Phil's experience

Phil has been where you are. He experiences loneliness and works daily to stay authentically connected. He knows that it's tough to seek help.

Phil's been coaching and mentoring since 2012. He creates a safe, loving, and inspired space for you to step into. It's a place where you will feel seen and heard. It's a place where you will feel that you belong.


All you need to do is to step into it, just as you are.

Mentoring anchor
Let's make this happen for you

Getting Phil right by your side in 1-on-1 mentoring starts here.

Tap the link and arrange your initial call and explore with Phil how his services can help you feel more connected and that you belong through building your Connection Plan.

Tap the button below or click here.

Please note: You will receive confirmations from 'The Lonely Diplomat'. That's the name of Phil's business.

Here's what others say about
working with Phil

Make the call, step into the vulnerability. It'll do you wonders and you will notice the benefits of showing up as your true authentic self very quickly. Phil will encourage you and give you real supportive advice that means a lot to many gay men out there. Having Phil as a mentor and support person will only improve your ability to show up as your real self, communicate to yourself and to others in ways that are much more beneficial in life.

He will call you forward, he will call you out, he will support you and he will help shape you into the best version of yourself.

- P. Auckland, New Zealand

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