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Phil is here to help you through your loneliness and get the

soul-nourishing connection you need and deserve


I'm deeply grateful for the kind words shared with me about how my work and direct support serves you. 

We're never alone when we experience loneliness. While our lives are all unique, our loneliness experiences are similar.

Got some feedback for me? Email me or contact me on my social media and let's chat.

'You are very fuckin' good at telling it like it is.
We need more people in the world like you, mate.'

- T. - Melbourne, Australia - February 2023

'You help me see things from a perspective that my therapist would never get to.'
- A. - Toronto, Canada - February 2023

'I like being guided by an older gay man who understands what it's like and can show me a way forward.'
- D. - Houston, United States - February 2023

"I feel that I do really have to do some proper work on these feelings with someone who get's it; with someone who understands where I'm coming from; and someone who's just felt deeply uncomfortable about themself and being in their own skin for many years: and that's you. So yeah, I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to organise a session with you."

- G. Edinburgh, UK - June 2022

"Having been on many group calls with Phil, I can attest to just how welcome, safe and seen he makes others feel. Phil has an incredible ability to pick up on what is being said (and sometimes more importantly, the things that are not being said) and ask just the right questions to challenge your thinking and lead you to discover and bring light to the important things that are just outside your consciousness. Phil's support and guidance has helped me discover a love for myself beyond what I thought was possible and in turn deepened my relationships with others. I would encourage anyone considering his services to get in contact with Phil and find out first hand how life changing working with him can be."

- B. - Gold Coast, Australia - June 2022

'Phil's work is the reminder that each human being on this planet must be free and supported by their fellow human beings through kindness.'

- Received 31 December 2020

'How great is it that there is someone in the world who is as dedicated to de-stigmatizing loneliness as Phil McAuliffe. I work primarily with gay men and one thing that is universal whether they are 18 or 65 is that they feel lonely. And on top of it, it’s hard for them to say it.  When I came across Phil’s work, I was relieved. Not only was there a resource that I could draw from personally, but there was a man with a virtual space dedicated to inspiring authentic connection within themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. 



I consider Phil the expert on this topic and from our chats, I know that his wisdom comes from his very real experience of it. He lives and breathes his work and it shows. 

It is of tremendous value to the world that TLG Community exists because it is through connection that the weight of loneliness begins to subside.  Thank you Phil for allowing me to share my own loneliness story. I have always felt safe and welcome in your (virtual) presence. 

Keep being you, the world needs you.'

- Michael DiIorio
Toronto, Canada

Received 14 November 2020

'I enjoy your content and it's so forward and taboo-breaking for men. Especially gay men.'

-Received 7 November 2020

'I first stumbled upon Phil’s work (The Loneliness Guy) in the middle of #lockdown1 which, coincidentally, was also a period in my life where I was beginning to explore podcasts and engage in much inner work, encountering daily emotional epiphanies.


Boy, am I glad I found this man.


With some lockdown emotional epiphanies realised, I still had a gnawing feeling in my tummy which I have had for many years. I couldn’t quite diagnose until I listened to my very first Loneliness Guy podcast and realised that the undiagnosed feeling in my tummy (and the reason I was escaping to apps and other detrimental activities) was due to sheer loneliness.


Through Phil’s work alone, I have been able to realise my loneliness and, most importantly, say it out loud to myself and to the people who matter in my life - a major stepping stone in self-acceptance and self-discovery which has helped me to lead a more authentic life where I understand more what I as a human truly need.


Phil’s work is fascinating, insightful, empathetic, intelligent, brave and brutally fucking honest! His podcasts - Connection Over Coffee - are wonderfully quirky in the sense that I actually feel like I am sitting opposite him and his guests in a real coffee shop, listening intently and sharing a laugh with friends!


As we enter a second lockdown here in London, I look forward to more of Phil’s massively supportive work and to joining his new weekly video chat support group for us brave, lonely, wonderful dudes out there. If you can relate to anything I have written here, I highly recommend you join us and share YOUR loneliness story with an amazing bunch of people.


Stay funky and authentically YOU!'

G., London UK

Received 9 November 2020

typorama (9).PNG

'I love your podcasts and can I just say what you're doing nobody else is doing. And that's important. Your video helped me see something from another perspective... about social media and comparison and how we compare ourselves to everyone's curated pages when that's not the reality for them.'

- Received 18 October 2020

'It felt like the universe was asking me to follow your account.'

- Received 2 January 2021

'Thank you so much for using your voice and spirit to uplift those of us who feel unwanted, undesirable and misunderstood, and encouraging us to get to know and love ourselves first and foremost. You are beautiful inside and out, Phil.'

- Received 9 July 2021

'Thank you for what you do!'

- Received 14 November 2020

"I really like the content that you are producing for The Loneliness Guy. Loneliness is such an important issue that I know a lot of gay and queer-identified men struggle with, including myself."

- S. - Ottawa, Canada - June 2022

"I love your message and it's so important!! More people need to get listening [and] I'm already getting my gay friends to give it a listen. You're awesome and do the most amazing work."

- D. - Auckland, New Zealand - December 2021

I am starting to read your blogs. At my age I thought I was OK with things but I think with all our lockdowns - I am lonely (hard to admit it!!!)

- C. - Victoria, Australia - November 2021

"Thank you for sharing your work with me and with the world. You are incredible."

- A. - Montreal, Canada - June 2022

'You are putting such light and hope out into the world.'

- Received 26 August 2020

'I love the idea of your project, connecting people and helping folks who are feeling lonely in this world.'

- T. - Halifax, Canada - June 2022

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Thank you for being you.
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