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I have a bold vision for the work here at The Loneliness Guy and am putting plans in place to start making them happen.


But I need help.

The vision


I have a vision for The Loneliness Guy to be the place for humans experiencing loneliness to come and get the support they need at the time they need it, wherever they are in the world. 

The vision is a society where we can freely talk about feelings of loneliness without shame, embarrassment or judgement - without stigma - and know how to get the type of authentic connection we need as humans.

The vision is one where humans experiencing loneliness can get help and support online and in their community.

How I plan to execute the vision

The first part of the plan has been to increase awareness and normalise conversations about loneliness based on my own lived experience and insight. This has started through the blog, podcast and social media presence. This will continue.

The second part of the plan has been to partner with experts - coaches, therapists, academics and other human connection experts - to support those gay men who've read my blog, listened to my podcast or have engaged with my content on social media to get them the individual help and support they need. This will continue.

The next parts of the plan involve:

  • speaking about loneliness in the media, in workplaces and to conferences, summits and seminars. This has started, but I've hit some limitations;

  • building relationships within organisations and groups that work on loneliness and connection issues around the world;

  • partnering with experts to develop and then deliver programs on loneliness and authentic connection in schools, universities, workplaces and communities designed to help humans build the connections to self, those most important to them and to their communities that they need; and

  • advocating for the needs of humans experiencing loneliness with governments and research institutions.  

The team

I also have built a team of experts who also believe in this vision.


The team has expertise in the global financial sector, business management, digital marketing, sales and social media. Critically, clinical psychologist Dr Sara Quinn is on the team ensuring that the products and services provided reflect high-quality, generalised support.  

What I need

If you've been reading or listening to any of my work, you know that I'm deeply passionate about de-stigmatising loneliness and promoting authentic connection for humans globally.

The reality is that I need seed funding to take the next step.

Loneliness is often seen as a mental health issue. In reality, it is FAR more than that. It goes to every human's physical, emotional AND social well-being.

However, this important work is done on financial fumes by almost everyone in the sector. The Loneliness Guy runs on financial fumes. It takes money to be in the room when discussions about loneliness happen. 

I'm not in those rooms to physically speak with and use my skills and experience from 23 years in the Australian Public Service - including time spent as a diplomat - to influence people who can really help us all feel more connected.

I'm making fantastic strides in getting me, my work and the issue of loneliness known around the world. Articles such as this and interviews like this with global reach help enormously.

But the media exposure does not pay the bills or keep us fed and warm, let alone get me in the rooms where I need to be to make a real impact.

I need money beyond our current personal finances to help me deliver on this bold vision. 

How can you help?

You've helped me by simply reading this far.

However, if you share my vision and passion in helping make The Loneliness Guy a place for humans globally to get the help and support they need to build real, genuine and authentic connections, please consider supporting me by making a single or regular financial contribution.

You can do that through the PayPal link below.

Click here to invest

Click here if you cannot see the 'Donate' button

**Note: you'll see and receive messages with 'The Lonely Diplomat' in the title and text.

This is fine, it's my business' name! **

What you get

I'm going to be honest, I'm all ears about how much you want to be involved in this work. I can send you regular email updates with reports about how your contribution is helping me scale-up my work here at The Loneliness Guy. I also appreciate that the last thing you want are more emails. 


I'm open to discussing what involvement your investment provides. To be clear, there are boundaries and I'll be looking for mutually-beneficial outcomes that align with my values.


Please know that your voice will help shape and influence the work de-stigmatising loneliness and will promote authentic connection for gay men globally.

Can't invest financially?

If you're unable to invest financially, I'm always open to offers of in-kind support.

Do you have a question or two?

I understand that you may not want to invest now and want to have a chat with me and ask me some questions. That's completely OK. Honestly, I'm not even sure if this is a good way to go about asking for help. But here we are =)

Send me an email and let's arrange a conversation and I'll happily answer your questions.

Thank you for considering how you can invest in the future vision

and sustainability of this work supporting humans experiencing loneliness wherever they are in the world.

~ Phil

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