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Books that inspire me

​I suffer from bouts of loneliness (no surprises there!). I know that I need to remain connected to myself, to others and to my community. I learned this while getting help through a coach, doing some intense self-reflection and reading many books on the importance of connection and authenticity.

Authentic connection is really hard to do when working through the thoughts and feelings associated with loneliness. I find that the simple act of reading or writing helps centre me and connect me to myself. I find talking connects me to others. Words help me.

But I remind myself that things in life don't change simply because I've read a book. Things in life change when I do things differently. Reading is easy; the beauty is in the doing.

I want to share the words written by others that have changed me and opened my mind and inspired me to put the authentic me into the world.

Have you read any of these? Let me know!

Stay connected
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