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This is a place where we de-stigmatise loneliness and promote authentic connection for gay men globally. 

I'm Phil McAuliffe. That's me in the picture. I'm The Loneliness Guy.

Are you a gay man who's exploring - or admits - that you may be lonely by coming here? Well done. I'm proud of you. Great things can happen from here.

I realised that I was lonely as I neared my 40th birthday. This was tough to accept at first. Who wants to admit that they're lonely? I had a family and friends who loved me and was successful at work. I desperately did not want to be lonely. 

I learned that I wore a mask of competence and good humour. I was the nice guy. Underneath the mask I was scared of being seen, being judged and rejection. Does this sound familiar to you?

Admitting that I was lonely was the first step to reclaiming myself.

I got help to take my mask off and get to know the real, authentic me: including accepting my sexuality. It was hard, but I'm now 100 per cent me.

Do you feel like you're wearing a mask and that life is happening to you? Are you the Nice Guy? Do you feel like a fraud? Do you fear judgement and rejection? Do you desperately want to be seen and loved as yourself but are scared and don't know how to make lasting changes in your life?

You've come to the right place. You're no longer alone.

Join me as we explore the importance of authentic connection to self, to others and to our communities as a way to work through our feelings of loneliness and needing more real connection in our lives.

Want to get started? Read 'Why loneliness? Why me?' and get to know me at About Phil.

Be awesome

~ Phil

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