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Phil is here to help you through your loneliness and get the

soul-nourishing connection you need and deserve

Here, I de-stigmatise loneliness and help humans feel authentic connection.
Here, I guide and support you through your loneliness.

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This is a place for you - a human experiencing loneliness - to come and get the support you need, when you need it, wherever you are in the world - online and in your community. 

As a global loneliness thought leader, I envision a society where we can freely talk about feelings of loneliness without shame, embarrassment or judgement - without stigma - and know how to get the type of authentic connection we need as humans.


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Enlist Phil's speaking services on the topics of loneliness, authentic connection, worthiness and belonging for your conference, podcast, your workplace, club or community organisation.

Phil has a number of topics and perspectives ready to support you and your audience.


Phil and his team have developed 'Creating Connected Workplaces': a program that informs and inspires workplaces to create environments in which all humans - however they identify - feel seen, heard and that they belong. Humans who are happier are more productive, resilient and are engaged.

Have Phil and his team support you and your workplace.

Creating Connected Workplaces - Phil McAuliffe - loneliness - The Loneliness Guy - The Lonely Diplomat - workplace - connection


Have Phil guide you through your loneliness towards the connection you seek via your unique Connection Plan.

Phil McAuliffe - The Loneliness Guy - gay loneliness - connection - loneliness - Connection Plan


Join Phil and his guests for real conversations that support you through loneliness and have you feeling more authentically connected.

Don't have much time?

Listen to a quick Connection Espresso

Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy Connection over Coffee podcast
Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy Gay Loneliness

I'm Phil McAuliffe. That's me in the picture. I'm The Loneliness Guy.


I created The Loneliness Guy in 2020 (and before that, The Lonely Diplomat in 2018) after I realised I was lonely as I approached my 40s. I googled for the answers but the only help provided seemed inadequate or only for old people. I felt that I could do something to support other humans like me. I created the resource and support I wish I had. 

Are you someone who's exploring - or admits - that you may be lonely by coming here? Well done. I'm proud of you. I'm here to tell you that great things can happen from here.

Join me as we explore loneliness and the importance of authentic connection to self, to others and to our communities. This is how we work through our feelings of loneliness and needing more real connection in our lives.

Get to know me, my services or listen to the podcast are great places to get started.

Thanks for being here. Now, let's get on to de-stigmatising loneliness. Let's get you the help and support you need and deserve.

~ Phil


October 2023

Phil McAuliffe - loneliness - human connection - Canberra - Australia - keynote speaker - The Loneliness Guy
Phil McAuliffe - loneliness - human connection - Canberra - Australia - keynote speaker - The Loneliness Guy

Phil was a keynote speaker at the National Association of Women in Construction (ACT Chapter)'s Building Wellness Breakfast at the National Gallery of Australia on Tuesday 10 October 2023 for World Mental Health Day.

Phil spoke on the loneliness epidemic and sharing ways to combat it.

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is a not-for-profit, peak body championing the diverse collective of great people doing great work in construction throughout Australia. NAWIC provides a forum for its members to meet and exchange information, ideas and solutions.

Its members can expand personal and business networks, maintain awareness of industry developments, improve skills and knowledge and make a contribution to other women in the construction industry within Australia.


June 2023

On Tuesday 6 June 2023, Phil shared some of his experiences of loneliness throughout his life as part of the 'Alone' episode of SBS' Insight program in Australia.

Phil also shared some of the wisdom he'd learned after getting support and beginning to listen to his loneliness and what it was telling him about the connection he was missing.

This included sharing some of his story of how loneliness influenced him coming out of the closet to live life as a proud gay man and how he treats loneliness now.

The Loneliness Guy - Phil McAuliffe - gay - gay loneliness - SBS - Insight - Alone
The Loneliness Guy - Phil McAuliffe - gay loneliness - Insight - SBS Australia - loneliness - gay loneliness - Alone
The Loneliness Guy - Phil McAuliffe - gay loneliness - Insight - SBS Australia - loneliness - gay loneliness - alone

Phil and his work
in the media

As a global loneliness thought leader, Phil loves spreading messages de-stigmatising loneliness and promoting authentic connection for humans globally.

Here are some media appearances and programs Phil's appeared on and articles he's written.

How Phil's work helps humans
experiencing loneliness.

Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy gay loneliness testimonials

Boy, am I glad I found this man.

Through Phil’s work alone, I have been able to realise my loneliness and, most importantly, say it out loud to myself and to the people who matter in my life - a major stepping stone in self-acceptance and self-discovery which has helped me to lead a more authentic life where I understand more what I as a human truly need.

G. London UK

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