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Tackling workplace loneliness

If you've ever spent time in Phil's company or listened to him, you know that he's passionate about de-stigmatising loneliness for all humans and supporting them to feel authentically connected.

You've heard how Phil speaks about de-stigmatising loneliness and promoting authentic connection for all people.

You also know that Phil had a 23-year career in the Australian Public Service, which included two diplomatic postings and occupying various leadership positions. You know that when he speaks on loneliness and the loneliness experience, people listen.

You want him to speak in your workplace to tackle workplace loneliness.

This is excellent news. The best way to support humans experiencing loneliness is to talk about it kindly, openly and without judgement.

Scroll and explore how Phil supports you.

Phil McAuliffe - The Loneliness Guy - Tackling Workplace Loneliness -

You need Phil's insight and experience

Phil is a global loneliness thought-leader. He's an articulate, affable, highly-educated and engaging speaker who makes the topic of loneliness relatable.


Phil has a background in public policy and international relations. He was an Australian Public Servant - including an Australian diplomat - for 23 years. Phil realised that he was lonely while on a diplomatic posting.


Phil knows how difficult it is to ask for help and support. He also knows that the help provided sometimes does not actually help alleviate the thoughts and feelings of loneliness.


Phil developed and now provides the services he needed when first learning from his loneliness. He's now passionately de-stigmatising loneliness worldwide.

Phil's difference

Loneliness is often discussed in a dry, conceptual way.

Statistics and academic reports don’t resonate with the humans experiencing the emotion.

Thousands of people globally have benefitted from hearing Phil's story and having him facilitate kind and honest conversations about loneliness, connection and belonging.

Humans feel more connected and engaged to themselves and the world because of Phil's work.

Workplace loneliness
Phil McAuliffe - The Loneliness Guy - gay - loneliness - Tackling Workplace Loneliness

Loneliness in your workplace costs you

Loneliness in your workplace makes you and your team less productive, less efficient and more likely to leave.

Phil is here to support you create your well-connected, high-performing workplace.

Did you know that:


  • 37% of Australians feel lonely at work?*

  • in the United States, 50% of Gen X and 65% of Millennials and Gen Z report feeling lonely 'sometimes or always'.**


  • people experiencing loneliness in the workplace are less engaged, less productive, less efficient and are more likely to leave.


You're paying a price for not addressing workplace loneliness.

Phil is here to help you change your workplace.

Scroll down to see Phil's services that will support your workplace.

Contact Phil to discuss details and explore further.


This short program introduces the concept of meaningful connection for the humans in your workplace.

It is suitable for all employees.

The program covers:

  • What is loneliness and what is connection?

  • Getting authentic connection in the workplace

  • Alignment connection with company values

  • Some easy workplace connection strategies

This works best for groups (max. 7/group)
This is a 1.5 hr session with course materials.

Delivered in person or via Zoom.

Cost: A$1,500/session (plus costs if in person)


Leadership is lonely.

This executive coaching course supports leaders - current and emerging - through the loneliness that comes from leadership.

The program covers:

  • loneliness in leadership

  • identify individual connection needs

  • alignment with company values

  • preparing a bespoke Executive Connection Plan

The program is delivered in six 1.5hr sessions over 12 weeks
Delivered 1-on-1 via Zoom

Cost: Starting from A$4,000 per person

Contact Phil - TWL

How would you like to contact Phil about his support with tackling loneliness in your workplace?

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