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There was a reason you tapped a link to arrive here. Honour yourself. Stay curious. Feel connected.

Feeling soul-nourishing connection and the joy of belonging starts here.

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Enlist Phil's speaking services on the topics of loneliness, authentic connection, worthiness and belonging for your conference, podcast, your workplace, club or community organisation.

Phil has a number of topics and perspectives ready to support you and your audience.

Services - speaking


Phil and his team have developed 'Creating Connected Workplaces': a program that informs and inspires workplaces to create environments in which humans - however we identify - feel seen, heard and that they belong. Humans who are happier are more productive, resilient and are engaged.

Have Phil and his team support you and your workplace.

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Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy gay loneliness services

As your Connection Mentor, Phil guides you through your loneliness and helps you identify the connection you're missing. With Phil, you'll work through the Connection Starter Course and you and Phil will build your Connection Plan: your easy, practical guide to help you get the connection and sense of belonging that you need and deserve.

Your Connection Plan will help you move past your loneliness and feel that you belong whenever you experience it.

Service - mentoring


I'm Phil McAuliffe. That's me in the picture. I'm The Loneliness Guy.


I created The Loneliness Guy in 2020 (and before that, The Lonely Diplomat in 2018) after I realised I was lonely as I approached my 40s. I googled for the answers but the only help provided seemed inadequate or only for old people. I felt that I could do something to support other humans like me. I created the resource and support I wish I'd had. 

Are you someone who's exploring - or admits - that you may be lonely by coming here? Well done. I'm proud of you. I'm here to tell you that great things can happen from here.

Join me as we explore loneliness and the importance of authentic connection to self, to others and to our communities. This is how we work through our feelings of loneliness and needing more real connection in our lives.

Get to know me, my services or listen to the podcast are great places to get started.

Thanks for being here. Now, let's get on to de-stigmatising loneliness. Let's get you the help and support you need and deserve.

~ Phil

Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy Gay Loneliness


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Life coaching

Phil's building a great team of life coaches whose services he knows can help you become more awesomely you.


Do you need urgent, professional help right now?

'Thank you so much for using your voice and spirit to uplift those of us who feel unwanted, undesirable and misunderstood, and encouraging us to get to know and love ourselves first and foremost. You are beautiful inside and out, Phil.'

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