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I know you're tired of feeling unseen, unheard, lonely and alone. This is where that begins to change. Book your call with me to start feeling the joy of connection and that you finally belong. 

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  • you want me to present on gay loneliness and connection to your group, business, conference or speak on your podcast.

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  • you're ready to finally feel that you belong.

  • you're ready to feel less lonely and alone.

  • you're ready to build your Connection Plan to get the connection you need.

  • you're ready to live a long, happy, fulfilled and socially-connected life. 

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  • you're curious about me and my work at The Loneliness Guy.

You're moments away from starting something that will help you feel that you belong and feel less lonely and alone,

Stay curious and be kind to yourself. 

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Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy gay loneliness services
Phil McAuliffe The Loneliness Guy speaking services


Phil can serve, support, challenge and inspire your audience on the topic of gay loneliness.


This includes speaking on your podcast, and to your business, club or community organisation.  



As your Connection Mentor, Phil guides you through your loneliness and helps you identify the connection you're missing. With Phil, you'll work through the Connection Starter Course and you and Phil will build your Connection Plan: your easy, practical guide to help you get the connection and sense of belonging that you need and deserve.

Your Connection Plan will help you move past your loneliness and feel that you belong whenever you experience it.

The Connection Starter Course

Over six 90-minute calls, Phil will guide you through:

  1. Your loneliness story

  2. The price you've been paying for staying lonely

  3. How you connect to yourself (and improve it)

  4. How you connect to those most important to you (and improve it)

  5. How you connect to your community (and improve it)

  6. Meeting the new you and your Connection Plan.


How to build your Connection Plan

You build your Connection Plan through both Phil's mentoring services:

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Life coaching

Phil's building a great team of life coaches whose services he knows can help you become more awesomely you.


Do you need urgent, professional help right now?


These books, blogs and podcasts help, challenge and inspire me.

'Thank you so much for using your voice and spirit to uplift those of us who feel unwanted, undesirable and misunderstood, and encouraging us to get to know and love ourselves first and foremost. You are beautiful inside and out, Phil.'