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Prioritise this call

  • By using this mentoring service, you agree that you will prioritise the mentoring call highly. To the extent possible, both parties will arrive for the call ready to engage and participate.


Cancellations, postponement or changing times

  • Despite best intentions, life happens and sometimes one, or both, parties will need to cancel, postpone or otherwise alter the call time.

  • When this happens, both parties agree to provide as much notice as possible.

  • Cancelled 1:1 mentoring calls will not be refunded but every reasonable effort will be made to find an agreed alternative date/time for the mentoring call.

  • Cancelled group calls will not be refunded but every reasonable effort will be made to find an agreed alternative date/time for the mentoring call that suits as many participants as possible.


  • A no-show is when you do not turn up for the call and you have not given prior notice.

  • I understand that the idea of these calls can be daunting. We can never underestimate the courage it takes to reach out for help with loneliness.

  • A no-show is disrespectful of my time and the preparations I make for each call. It’s also disrespecting your self and the part of you that reached out to arrange the mentoring calls.

  • If you're a part of a Connection Support Community, you not showing up affects others in your group.

  • I wait 10 minutes from the start of the call time before ending the call. No refunds will be provided.

  • If a call for a Connection Support Community is underway and we have completed the check-in, you will not be allowed to join the call.



  • All mentoring calls use Zoom or Google Meet.

  • If applicable, communications can happen via email or an agreed messaging service (like WhatsApp, Signal) in between calls.

Confidentiality and commitment to the process

  • Everything shared during the period of engagement is CONFIDENTIAL & FREE OF JUDGEMENT and by signing you are acknowledging and agreeing to that.

  • Mentoring services - both 1:1 and group calls - are here to support you become more connected to yourself, to those around you and to your communities. Authenticity, openness and curiosity are key here.

  • Be prepared to try new thoughts and actions and be OK with not getting things right. It’s all about learning. This is the place to let the walls down and drop the mask.

Not a licensed helping professional

  • By agreeing to this document, you acknowledge that The Loneliness Guy (t/a The Lonely Diplomat) is not a licensed helping professional. All reasonable care for the mental, emotional and/or physical well-being of both parties is taken. However, it may be suggested during mentoring calls that the services of a licensed helping professional is needed should issues arise during mentoring calls and/or during the period of engagement.

This is a professional service

  • Mentoring calls are a professional service that I provide you. Being a mentoring service for gay men experiencing loneliness means that we will almost inevitably discuss sex and sexuality. We will do this professionally. We will do this without judgment.

  • You can expect that I will conduct myself professionally during our calls. I expect you to conduct yourself professionally during our calls, too. Any behaviour that I deem unprofessional or conduct that crosses a line or I deem inappropriate will result in the call being terminated without refund and - if applicable - further calls cancelled without refund.

  • All calls are recorded.


  • By using the service, you agree that The Loneliness Guy (t/a The Lonely Diplomat) is not to be held liable for any decisions you make based on any of the services or guidance and any consequences, as a result, are your own. Under no circumstances can you hold liable for any actions you take nor can you hold me - or any of employee - liable for any loss or costs incurred by you as a result of any guidance, advice, mentoring, materials or techniques used or provided by or All our information on both the websites and in discussions is intended to assist you and does not in any way, nor is it intended to substitute professional, medical, financial or legal advice. Results are not guaranteed and takes no responsibility for your actions, choices or decisions.


Feedback and testimonial

  • I value your feedback and want to improve the quality of my services. At any point in the duration of our mentoring relationship you want to provide feedback, it will be gratefully received.

  • You will be asked to provide written feedback on my services after the call. You agree to provide honest feedback.

  • You will be asked to provide a written and/or video testimonial to be used in the promotion of The Loneliness Guy’s (t/a The Lonely Diplomat) mentoring services.


  • You agree to these terms and conditions by either:

    • PRINTING, SIGNING and TAKING A PHOTO of the signed document and sending to; or

    • Clicking 'yes' to when arranging a mentoring call through Calendly.



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