Middle-aged men

Life's complicated enough without feeling alone and like we're living someone else's life.

It's hard being all things to everyone all the time, isn't it?

From the outside, your life looks good. You have a home, a job, a car and have some nice things. You may even be married and have a kid or two. You're surrounded by people and your career is really starting to go places. 

On the inside is a different story. You feel lost. You feel trapped. You feel like you're waking up from a sleep and wondering if this is all there will be to your life. You wonder whose life you're actually living. You don't even know who you are or why you're living life the way you are. 

You desperately want to ask for help, but everyone around you is so busy and you don't want to trouble them. Everyone around you seems to have all their shit together. You realise that you've never really talked about your feelings with any of the other guys in your life; talk has always been 'safe': about work, sport, sex or the weather. You fear that by speaking up and saying what's REALLY going on in your life that you'll be perceived as weak - as not being a real man. A real man is meant to be able to sort all of life's problems out himself, right?

Perhaps you feel like you have no one to talk to at all. You feel alone in the world.

You know that things need to change. But where to start? Who do you ask for help? And how do you even start to ask for help?

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