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Have Phil and a team
by your side

Loneliness is awful, but you don't have to go through it alone.


You can have Phil - a global loneliness thought leader - guide you as a connection mentor.


You can also be part of an instant community of other gay men.

The communities are beautiful to be a part of.

They're transformative.


You'll love being part of a connection support community.

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A connection support community is for you

A Connection Support Community is for you, if:

​- you're tired of feeling lonely and are ready for change;

- you're ready to have the connective power of community in your life;

- you're ready to be part of a supportive community of other gay men to help you learn what connection you need;

- you're ready to feel like you belong within yourself and the people around you;

- you're ready to feel comfortable in yourself;

- you're ready to rediscover - and then be - who you are;

​- you're ready to live your life and feel more connected.

What are they? 

A Connection Support Community is a small group of up to six other gay men who, just like you, are experiencing loneliness and who want to learn how to get the soul-nourishing connection you all need. 

Over a series of six Zoom calls, you'll be guided by Phil through the Connection Starter Course Phil has developed that helps you learn from your loneliness and then identify the connection you need.

With Phil's and your community's support, you'll then develop your unique Connection Plan to make the connection you need and deserve happen.

Convenient call times

The calls are each Monday evening at a convenient time for each of the three calls. 

Call 1: 7pm SYDNEY

Call 2: 7pm LONDON

Call 3: 7pm NEW YORK

Calls run for 90 minutes.

Why would you do it?

You'll not be alone. You'll have Phil - a global loneliness thought leader - and up to six other awesome gay men right by your side.


The thoughts and feelings of loneliness require other people to help us feel connected again, but it's tough to ask for help. Being in community makes that easier for you.

You'll be a part of a group of other gay men learning from their loneliness. You'll have the awesome power of community supporting you as you all do connection.

Moving past your loneliness requires you to open up to yourself. There's no judgement. No topic is off limits.

You're supported

Close to the start of your program, Phil will give you a manual full of suggestions and questions to help you learn from your loneliness and work out the connection you need.


You'll also have access to the Premium Connection Lounge on Facebook, where you can engage with Phil and others who are doing, or have done, the course in between your weekly calls.

How many calls?


This is a series of six 90-minute calls: one call each week for six weeks.

Phil's experience

Phil has been where you are. Phil's a gay man who experiences loneliness and works daily to stay authentically connected.

Phil's been leading group coaching calls since 2018 as part of Mike Campbell's Everyday Legends Academy. Phil creates safe, loving, fun and inspired spaces for you to step into. It's a place where you will feel seen and heard. It's a place where you will feel that you belong.

All you need to do is to step into the space, just as you are.

Step 1:

Choose your start date

​Next group:

Starting 8 May 2023 (ends 12 June 2023).

Spaces strictly limited.
Book your free initial call to reserve your place.

Step 2:

Read this information

  • A call with Phil is essential before you join a group. You can ask questions and see if Phil and this service are a good fit for you and what you're looking for.

  • Call times are:

    • Call 1: Australia/New Zealand/East Asia

      • calls each Monday at 7pm SYDNEY

    • Call 2: Africa/Middle East/Europe

      • calls each Monday at 7pm LONDON
    • Call 3: The Americas

      • calls each Monday at 7pm NEW YORK

  • You'll discuss which call group suits you best during your free 30-minute phone call with Phil.

Step 3:

Book your
call with Phil

Have a short chat with Phil.

Get more details and ask him all your questions.

Step 4:

Be proud of

That's all you need to do for now. Well done.


You're now on your way to getting the kind of soul-nourishing connection you need and deserve.

Here's what others say about
working with Phil

I felt instantly at ease meeting with Phil and having frank and intelligent discussions about confronting loneliness and the true desire to live a more fulfilling life.

Scott - Canberra, Australia

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