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What are they?

Connection Support Group calls are a series of five Zoom calls with a small group of up to six other gay men experiencing loneliness and who want to learn how to do authentic connection.

Convenient call times

The calls will be each Monday evening at a convenient time for each of the three groups. 

Group 1: 7pm SYDNEY

Group 2: 7pm LONDON

Group 3: 7pm NEW YORK

Calls run for 90 minutes.

Why would you do it?

You'll not be alone.


The thoughts and feelings of loneliness require other people to help us feel connected again, but it's tough to ask for help.

You'll be a part of a group of other gay men experiencing loneliness and will realise the power of community when asking for - and giving - support and accountability.

You're supported

Close to the start of the five weeks, I'll give you a manual full of suggestions and questions to help you learn from your loneliness and work out the connection you need.


You'll also have access to the Premium Connection Lounge on Facebook, where you can engage with me and others who are doing, or have done, the course.

How many calls?

There is a series of five calls: one each week over five weeks. 

My experience

I've been where you are. I'm a gay man who's experienced loneliness and works daily to stay authentically connected. I know that it's tough to seek help. I admire your courage for reading these words.

I've been leading group coaching calls since 2018 as part of Mike Campbell's Everyday Legends Academy. I pride myself on creating a safe, loving, and inspired space for you to step into. It's a place where you will feel seen and heard. It's a place where you will feel that you belong.


All you need to do is to step into it, just as you are.

Other important information

(As at 7 June 2022)

  • Despite what your loneliness wants you to believe, you are worthy of love and support as you learn from your loneliness.

  • I've been where you are. I know what it's like to be a gay man experiencing loneliness. I can help you learn from your loneliness and get the connection you need and deserve. 

  • This is a charged service. All payments are made through PayPal.

  • Pre-registration is essential.

  • Total cost is AUD700 (which is AUD140/call).

  • I'm offering a 20% discount to the first six people in each group who sign up for the first 5-week course. BUY FOUR CALLS, GET THE FIFTH FREE! This offer is limited to the first six people in each group. Don't be the seventh. Pre-register now!

  • Groups are:

    • Group 1: Australia/New Zealand/East Asia

      • calls each Monday at 7pm SYDNEY

    • Group 2: Africa/Middle East/Europe

      • calls each Monday at 7pm LONDON
    • Group 3: The Americas

      • calls each Monday at 7pm NEW YORK

      • We'll discuss which group suits you best by email after you register.

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"I felt instantly at ease meeting with Phil and having frank and intelligent discussions about confronting loneliness and the true desire to live a more fulfilling life."

Scott - Canberra, Australia